The KM Front-End Kit has been rebooted for responsive web design! Download this HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery front-end kit to get you started as quickly and easily as possible with your next front-end development project.

The kit has been updated to provide easily-customizable support for CSS3 media queries. The files also include fall-backs for non-modern browsers.

Download File (155 kb) Download

The kit includes the following files. Modify or delete the files however you see fit.

  • /_psds
    • 960 Grid 12-column .psd
    • 960 Grid 16-column .psd
    • 1000px 12-column .psd
    • 1002px 12-column .psd
    • 1002px Golden Section .psd
    • 1002px Rule of Thirds .psd
  • /images
  • /js
    • script.js – jQuery
  • /styles
    • screen.css – CSS reset and some basic styles
    • media-queries.css – CSS3 media queries for mobile, tablet, etc
    • print.css – basic print styles
  • index.html – HTML5 shim, media queries shim, jQuery, conditional body classes for styling versions of IE, Google Analytics
  • ReadMe (pdf)

This kit will be updated periodically. Please keep an eye out for updates!

If responsive design with media queries isn’t your thing, the previous version of the kit can be downloaded at KM Front-End Kit v1.2.1.