A simple HTML5 + jQuery front-end framework to get you started as quickly and easily as possible. Includes fallbacks for non-modern browsers and is easily customizable. This bare-bones framework was designed so that you can add necessary features and will not have to delete lots of clutter.

Download File

KMFEK-v1.2.1.zip (165 kb) Download KMFEK-v1.2.1.zip

UPDATE: Updated to version 1.2.1 on June 18, 2011.

The kit includes the following files. Modify or delete the files however you see fit.

  • /_psds
    • 960 Grid 12-column .psd
    • 960 Grid 16-column .psd
    • 1000px 12-column .psd
    • 1002px 12-column .psd
    • 1002px Golden Section .psd
    • 1002px Rule of Thirds .psd
  • /images
  • /js
    • script.js – jQuery
  • /styles
    • /css3pie
      • PIE.htc
      • PIE.php
    • print.css
    • styles.css – CSS reset and some basic styles
  • index.html – HTML5 shim, jQuery, conditional body classes, Google Analytics
  • ReadMe (pdf)

This kit will be updated periodically. Please keep an eye out for updates!