The KM Front-End Kit has been revamped for PHP! Download this HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery front-end kit to get you started as quickly and easily as possible with your next responsive design front-end development project.

The kit has been updated to use PHP includes and variables for a more abstracted, dynamic development experience.

Download File (134 kb) Download

The kit includes the following files. Modify or delete the files however you see fit.

  • /images
  • /includes
    • header.php – Modernizr.js, conditional body classes for styling versions of IE, page title variable
    • footer.php – jQuery, JS script, Google Analytics
  • /js
    • script.js – jQuery
    • libs/modernizr.min.js – Modernizr
  • /styles
    • styles.css – CSS reset and some basic styles, media query, print styles
  • index.php – Page title and active page variables, includes
  • subpage.php – Page title and active page variables, includes
  • ReadMe (pdf)

This kit will be updated periodically. Please keep an eye out for updates!


  • Feb. 17, 2013 – updated to v1.3.5: updated outdated readme (sorry!), added Modernizr.js, removed HTML5 shim, removed JS class, simplified media queries.
  • Feb. 11, 2013 – updated to v1.3.4: removed mobile detection PHP class (should use Modernizr.js instead), updated jQuery to version 1.9.1, improved/bugfixed conditional comments.
  • Apr. 20, 2012 – updated to v1.3.3: edited the viewport meta to permit user scaling, added caution regarding the use of mobile detection PHP class, deleted comprehensive media queries examples, edited existing media queries to use a mobile-first approach
  • Feb. 9, 2012 – updated to v.1.3.2: added mobile detection PHP class, tweaked media queries for more consistent rendering
  • Feb. 7, 2012 – updated to v.1.3.1: removed nav.php and integrated into header, integrated a few select practical media queries and print styles into main stylesheet to reduce HTTP requests, updated jQuery version to 1.7.x, minor code clean-up

If PHP isn’t your thing, the plain HTML version of the kit can be downloaded at KM Front-End Kit v1.3.