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Nav link separator in WordPress


WordPress’s posts_nav_link tag allows passing a parameter for a separator and performs logic to conditionally display the separator when both prev/next links are present. However, if you want to use separate tags for previous and next post links for more custom control over the style and markup of your links, you lose this convenient conditional separator feature. Here’s how to recreate it. more



WordPress Author Bio on Posts


If you have a WordPress blog with multiple authors, you may find that it would be helpful to display an author blurb/bio somewhere on each post. Here are some instructions to do this using the get_template_part() function. I am also including instructions on how to update your author contact methods, since the fields built in by WordPress are a bit outdated (AIM, YIM, Jabber). more



WordPress Login/out Redirects


Many times in the past, I have found myself logging into my blog via the Log in link in my sidebar when I want to update a post. Upon logging in, WordPress would send me to the dashboard. Instead, I would have preferred for WordPress to keep me on the same page I logged in from. To fix this, you can use WordPress’s functions to set up your theme’s login and log out links to send the user wherever you’d like. more



WordPress functions.php File


So you’ve got a WordPress theme that you’re either creating for the first time, or that you’d like to edit to suit your needs. You want to modify your theme’s functionality or add features— where to start?

This is a beginner’s introduction to the functions.php file in WordPress themes. You do not need experience in PHP to follow along, though you should have solid knowledge of HTML/CSS and be familiar with using WordPress. more



WordPress No Post Title


When a WordPress post has no title, it is beneficial to provide fallback text that will print to still provide a link to the post.

Place the provided code in between the title permalink anchor tags in your loop to generate “Untitled Post” text for any post where the user has not entered a title. Edit the code as appropriate for your needs. more



WordPress CSS and JS Caching


If you are working on developing a WordPress theme and you find yourself making numerous, rapid stylesheet or JavaScript changes but are frustrated when theupdates don’t show up on the web no matter how many times you force-refresh and empty your browser’s history, you’ve got cached files. Caching is a good thing, but when you want to see your changes, it can become a hindrance very quickly. This post addresses busting the cache when a file has been updated. more



Gradient Strokes in Illustrator


As of CS5, Adobe Illustrator still does not have the inherent ability to apply gradients to strokes. Hopefully a future version of Illustrator will introduce this functionality. However, there are various ways to finagle the software into imitating this capability (which is a commonly-used feature of Adobe Photoshop). Here is a fairly easy way to simulate gradient strokes in Illustrator. more

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