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Twitter API 1.1 for Websites


With the deprecation of Twitter’s API 1 and the official adoption of version 1.1, adding customized tweets to a website has gone from simple to arduous. This PHP timeline starter framework generates a fully customizable, fully CSS-styleable timeline. It should help creators overcome the barriers of OAuth, JSON parsing, and formatting functions so they can get back to designing. more



WordPress HTML5 Blank Theme


Download a bare-bones WordPress theme, ready for customization and styling. WordPress’s native themes are feature-rich but can be tedious and exhausting to customize out of the box. Likewise, creating themes repeatedly from the ground-up can also be an arduous task.

This template HTML5 theme contains popular features such as post thumbnails, threaded comments, menus, jQuery, and more, but with minimal styling. The template was built to be a platform for custom development and is fully ready for to be repurposed and expanded for your theme-making needs. more



Custom Post Types, revisited

Custom Post Types, revisited

A couple of months ago, I did a comprehensive overview on how to set up custom post types, taxonomies, and custom meta boxes in your WordPress installation. Now I will revisit custom post types and taxonomies, except this time we will use efficiency rather than learning as our guiding principle and go over the quickest way to set up customization of post types for WordPress. more



KM Front-End Kit v1.3


The KM Front-End Kit has been rebooted for responsive web design! Download this HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery front-end kit to get you started as quickly and easily as possible with your next front-end development project.

The kit has been updated to provide easily-customizable support for CSS3 media queries. The files also include fall-backs for non-modern browsers. more



Custom Post Types & Taxonomies


WordPress 3.x boasts some powerful features for creating Custom Post Types, custom taxonomies, and custom meta boxes, bringing the popular and powerful blog platform another big step closer to a full Content Management System.

Get your hands dirty with plugin-building and theme customization to make these features fully functional on your site. I’ve provided a sample plugin and sample theme files to get the WordPress theme developer up and running with their own custom post types, taxonomies, and custom meta boxes. more

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