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WordPress HTML5 Blank Theme


Download a bare-bones WordPress theme, ready for customization and styling. WordPress’s native themes are feature-rich but can be tedious and exhausting to customize out of the box. Likewise, creating themes repeatedly from the ground-up can also be an arduous task.

This template HTML5 theme contains popular features such as post thumbnails, threaded comments, menus, jQuery, and more, but with minimal styling. The template was built to be a platform for custom development and is fully ready for to be repurposed and expanded for your theme-making needs. more



WordPress functions.php File


So you’ve got a WordPress theme that you’re either creating for the first time, or that you’d like to edit to suit your needs. You want to modify your theme’s functionality or add features— where to start?

This is a beginner’s introduction to the functions.php file in WordPress themes. You do not need experience in PHP to follow along, though you should have solid knowledge of HTML/CSS and be familiar with using WordPress. more



WordPress CSS and JS Caching


If you are working on developing a WordPress theme and you find yourself making numerous, rapid stylesheet or JavaScript changes but are frustrated when theupdates don’t show up on the web no matter how many times you force-refresh and empty your browser’s history, you’ve got cached files. Caching is a good thing, but when you want to see your changes, it can become a hindrance very quickly. This post addresses busting the cache when a file has been updated. more



KM Front-End Kit v1.3


The KM Front-End Kit has been rebooted for responsive web design! Download this HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery front-end kit to get you started as quickly and easily as possible with your next front-end development project.

The kit has been updated to provide easily-customizable support for CSS3 media queries. The files also include fall-backs for non-modern browsers. more



CSS Best Practices


Advanced CSS should be rewarding to both write and view later. Can you open up your most complex CSS file and browse it easily, still able to understand immediately how and why things were done when coming back to it later?

It has been said many times that CSS is easy to learn but difficult to master. Here is a list of tips that my help streamline your process. more





CSS Resets are stylesheets intended to lay a consistent baseline. Browsers have varying defaults that can alter the alignment of elements on your page. While browser defaults are not a bad thing, their inconsistencies can be dealt with in a simple and straightforward manner through the use of resets.

Remember: A CSS reset is not intended to force all browsers into visual sameness, but to help you build up from a level playing field. more

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