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Gradient Strokes in Illustrator


As of CS5, Adobe Illustrator still does not have the inherent ability to apply gradients to strokes. Hopefully a future version of Illustrator will introduce this functionality. However, there are various ways to finagle the software into imitating this capability (which is a commonly-used feature of Adobe Photoshop). Here is a fairly easy way to simulate gradient strokes in Illustrator. more



Adobe Fireworks for web design


Adobe Photoshop still holds its place as the primary tool of most web designers these days, but there is another contender on the market that– I daresay– does the job better.

Have you ever found yourself coming up with Photoshop tricks or shortcuts to achieve fairly simple ends (resizing boxes with rounded corners, for example)? Ever used layer comps to simulate pages functionality? Used smart objects to simulate instances? Used the marquee tool and the Info panel to make sprites? Had to pass files between Photoshop and Illustrator to get those vector elements just the way you want them? Moved between several softwares for the wireframing, prototyping, and mockup phases? more

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